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Candidate Sourcing & Screening

Candidate Sourcing & Screening

Vision Infotech spends extensively into skill sourcing and detailed screening of candidate to ensure that our professionals are an exact fit to our client's requirements.

Our candidate acquisition activity alone means that our database of active job seekers is growing rapidly month by month. All candidates who are submitted to our clients undergo an involved and efficient screening process which includes both technical and competency screening techniques. This process subsumes the use of world renowned technical testing partners, and full ‘rights to work’ checks, plus all relevant Employment Agencies Act opt in/out procedures to ensure continued compliance.

With an internal database of candidates, advertising through our own website, access to world’s most effective resourcing websites, relationships with other secondary suppliers, and an extensive network, we are most likely to find the ideal candidate.

With every vacancy that we receive from you, and before we submit a single profile, we will undertake a rigorous screening process with each and every potential candidate.

We will discuss each vacancy with a candidate and ascertain:-

  • Their technical ability and suitability.
  • Their personal suitability in terms of non-technical aspects.
  • Their financial suitability.
  • Their availability to perform the role.
  • Their interest in the role
  • Their employment status with regard to visa or work permit requirements

In accordance with your instructions, we also reference check all candidates prior to commencement of employment with you.